Retreat with Rural Ministry

Last week I spent three days at Sisiyi Falls Gardens with 8 men and 3 women from our Rural Ministry team. Sisiyi Falls is an absolutely gorgeous spot on the side of Mt. Elgon. The water cascades over 100 feet off a cliff and forms a swift, rocky river at the bottom. You can walk up to the pool where the water hits and even stand under the falls (at least you can now, in the dry season). In the rainy season, the spray 100 feet away from the falls is enough to soak you to your skin in 30 seconds.

The ministry team really loved the location. Even though some of them are from this area, they had never seen the falls or been in such a beautiful setting. God really blesssed us with good sessions, prayer time, reports, and areas to target in 2006. Here are some photos of the group and the falls.

The last photo is of us praying for Chrysostom and Janet. They are two of our rural counselors who are single. They announced their engagement to one another at the retreat. Both of them are mature people (in their 30s and 40s). Fun!

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