Kids at Home

Annalise has taken to following Laura into our room to get ready every morning after I take the boys to school. Her main interest is in any kind of make-up: nail polish, blush/base, eye pencils, etc. The other day, she got into Laura’s lipstick when we left our door unlocked.
Annalise loves make-up!

Malachi is really excited about learning to play the piano. He plays before supper, rushes to eat and play after, and rushes through his bath so he can play one more song before bed. He is excited about learning 1/4 and 1/2 notes since he is also doing fractions in math at school.
Malachi learning to play piano

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Thanksgiving in Uganda

The whole team gathered at the Shelburnes’ about 1p and began spreading the tables with all kinds of wonderful food. The whole team, that is, except Laurie and Laura Beth. As I pulled into their driveway, their new puppy ran under my tire and got his back legs and tail scraped up pretty badly. They ended up spending the day at home with the dog and the vet (Shyla is all sewn up now and looks like she will make a full recovery with the exception of 4″ of her tail).

Annalise at the pie table…followed by Dad at the pie table…MMMM!
Annalise at the pie table
Dad at the pie table

Over at Ian and Danetta’s, we had four kinds of pies as well as chicken, dressing, gravy, potatoes, etc. It was a feast! Ian blogged the day as well (click on the link to the left).

Our kids eating chicken and dressing (Jennifer Allen in the background)
Kids eating turkey

Annalise prepared for the rain that lasted all afternoon by wearing swim goggles while eating her chocolate pie.

Annalise eating chocolate pie, prepared for rain

After a delicious lunch, we watched the Cowboys trounce the Panthers 35 to 14 on a DVD someone had sent over to Laura Beth. The kids wandered in and out, played cards or helped with Danetta’s 1,000 piece puzzle. We ended the evening with a movie.

Emily Shelburne, Israel, and Annalise all crammed into a tunnel piece (Malachi is standing in the background).
Three kids in a sack!

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At the Waterfall

We had a great time at Sisiyi Falls (45 minutes north of Mbale) on Monday.


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Enjoying In-laws

We are enjoying having Laura’s parents here. They came for just short of six weeks. Our kids have especially benefitted from having some grandparents on the scene. Here’s a shot of Laura’s dad (Guilford Rice) with our two youngest in the sandbox. Our two Great Danes are in the background (excellent guard dogs and absolutely wonderful with our kids).

Laura's Dad with Israel & Annalise

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Enjoying In-laws

Testing another blog client.

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