Turkey Day

Our Thanksgiving week began on Friday afternoon when we picked Malachi up from school. A late start and traffic congestion made our drive longer and our arrival later at a weekend getaway place in the Texas Hill Country. A pool and mini-golf course were on site, but the biggest attraction of the weekend was the television! We aren’t used to having TV (though we do enjoy watching DVDs), so it was a novel experience for our family to veg in front of the tube for hours at a time. There were three TVs in our suite, so everyone got to watch whatever he or she wanted. Laura and I enjoyed several football games and a basketball game. Our favorite was watching America’s Funniest Videos top 20 of all time. We laughed until we cried!

We came back on Tuesday, about the same time as my mom and dad flew in from Anchorage, Alaska. We enjoyed spending the next three days together, practicing our family tradition of “Thanks-mas” (combining the two holidays so that we always get turkey AND presents whenever we are together). We did a fair amount of shopping, exchanged gifts, watched a couple of movies (including Enchanted with all the kids), and generally had a great visit. It even snowed for an hour on Thanksgiving Day!

left to right: Bo, Ben (cousin), Johnna, Patsy, Laura, Israel, Mom, Annalise, me, Paul, Dad, and Malachi

Friday afternoon, two of my Shero uncles drove up from San Angelo and Brownwood to eat lunch with us. Afterwards, the guys went to Bass Pro Shop, and the ladies went to the mall. I was really glad to see my extended family, and having us all together made the time even more special.

I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed as well.

Here’s a 36 sec video of snow flurries in front of our house on Thanksgiving Day.

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Birthday Boy!


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HU Homecoming

Though I graduated from Harding University in 1996, this was actually the 10th reunion of my class (1997). This discrepancy is likely due to the fact that I began dating a senior while I was still a freshman. At any rate, I was able to avoid most of the reunion cliches (i.e. looking fat, feeling old, running into old girlfriends).

There were only about 6-8 of us sitting around the 1997 table at the Saturday picnic on campus–a much slimmer turnout than I had hoped. But I had a great time visiting with Jeff Baker and his family. Jeff is a law professor at Thomas Goode Jones Law School in Faulkner, AL (where another good friend of mine teaches, namely, Jeff Hammond).

The kids enjoyed the inflatable attractions and the petting zoo, probably all the more for the thin crowd. But being in Searcy always makes me feel like coming home. I had a great experience at Harding and continue to be thankful for that.


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Israel turns 5

Israel recently celebrated his fifth birthday at our furlough house in Fort Worth. The festivities began the evening before the actual day with several friends, most of whom stayed the night for his first sleepover. His birth date, as he will tell you, is “October Last,” which I like better than saying he was born on All Hallows Eve (Halloween). He made up the name, of course.

He has really been anticipating this birthday, and announced that he did actually feel older this year. (Last year, he said that he did not feel four for quite some time after his birthday.)

It was a tough choice between Cars, Transformers, and Thomas the Train, but Lightning McQueen won out. The cake is courtesy of Wal-Mart’s bakery dept. In spite of the fact that I could have made a cake that looked just as good, I was glad to enjoy the convenience of America.

Here the friends are gathered around the table. Laura worked hard to decorate the house with streamers and balloons (not seen in the photo below). Israel’s favorite present seemed to be the AA Duracells that came with his walkie-talkies. He cried out, “Yes! My very own batteries!”

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