Dawat Khana, Rooftop Dining

Dawat Khana is our new favorite restaurant in town. It is 50′ down an alley, through a tall metalic gate, and up a rickety set of iron steps. A few weeks ago, the two tiny and crowded dining rooms were full of noisy guests watching TV. Laura and I were about to leave and take our weekly date night somewhere else when one of the waiters asked us if we wanted to go up on the roof. I love to climb on the roofs of things anyway, so I quickly agreed. Up one dark and dusty interior stairwell, and we were on the roof!

The sun was already setting, so it was not too hot. There was a gentle breeze, and the raucous street noises were strangely muted. With no walls or ceiling other than the sky, the atmosphere was decidedly romantic! We had a lovely view over Mbale and could see the cliffs of Wanale unobstructed.

View to the southwest

View to the east

view to the southeast

We were also in position to see a rather humorous ad painted by a orthographically challenged signwriter. Ugandans associate the letter “e” with the long a sound as in “hey.” That explains how the author intended to tout the “taste” of the hot chocolate powder rather than refer to more private part of the male anatomy. 🙂

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One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to double the amount of attention I give to my blog.

That means I’ll be updating it twice a year now.

Any more than that is gravy! 😉

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